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Diversity & Inclusivity

Sexual Harassment

It is the policy of Central Washington University to maintain a work and academic community which is free from sexual harassment. Sexual harassment violates state and federal law and will not be tolerated by this institution. An individual in violation of this policy will be subject to informal or formal disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment.

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What IS sexual harassment?…

“Being forced into uncomfortable or undesirable sexual situations.” – Male, 1st year

“Any unwelcomed comment or gesture pertaining to your body or gender.” – Female, 5th year

“An unwanted and inappropriate sexual advance that results in a stressful environment.” – Female, 2nd year

“Using sexual remarks or touching someone in private places without permission.” – Male, 2nd year

“Sexual harassment is the unwanted touching, language used towards you in a sexual way, showing a person any type of pornographic materials, talking dirty in front of others, etc.” – Female, 4th year

“Being sexually threatened.” – Male, 2nd year

“When someone in a position of authority uses his/her position to demand sexual behavior from someone.” – Male, 4th year

“Molesting, joking, etc. about sex or someone’s body.” – Male, 3rd year

“When someone keeps badgering you about sex. Unwanted propositions and the solicitor knows it.” – Female, 2nd year

“When someone oversteps your personal boundaries and refers to you in a derogatory manner.” - Female, 1st year

“Any unwanted sexual advances. Ranges from simple conversation, to touching, to rape.” – Male, 4th year

“Anyone who uses inappropriate, uncomfortable words about your sex or you, or who forces sexual relations or any sort of physical contact upon you that is not wanted.” – Female, 2nd year

“Harassment based on gender can be verbal, nonverbal, or physical but it is unwanted.” - Male, 3rd year

“An atmosphere of degradation and intimidation by use of sex or sexual references to control or manipulate another party.” – Female, 4th year

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