Diversity & Equity Center
Black Hall 101-5
Mon - Thur 10:00am-7:00pm
Fri 10:00am–5:00pm

By Appointment Only:
Mon - Fri 8:00am-10:00am
(509) 963-2127

COVID-19 Adaptations

Due to COVID-19 physical distancing and campus needs, please note the following changes to our standard practices in effect until further notice:

  • Room 105 is available for reservation on Monday-Thursdays between the hours of 1:00 - 5:00 PM only, and must be reserved multiple days in advance.
  • The number of people allowed depends on current state and county regulations and may differ from our standard capacity guidelines.

Making a Reservation

The Diversity and Equity Center hosts two rooms that are available for use by constituents of Central Washington University who wish to further diversity and equity across campus. Rooms are reserved through the Scheduling Center and are prioritized for student club and organization use. Please review our policy carefully before requesting a reservation for detailed information including A/V, room setup and hours. We welcome questions anytime if you are considering utilizing the Diversity and Equity Center.

Clubs and organizations and S&A funded units can reserve the spaces at any time, at no cost. All other units requesting reservations must wait until after the first two weeks of each quarter and will be assessed a usage fee. In other words, units may request a space but requests will not be reviewed or approved until after the first two weeks of the current quarter in order to prioritize CWU students.

When these rooms are not reserved for events, the campus community is welcome to use the space for informal gatherings, studying, small meetings and hanging out!

Available Spaces

Conference Room 101-12: This room is a standard conference-style room, seating up to 14 people. Not available during Fall & Winter 2020 due to physical distancing safety.

Room 105: The DEC’s multipurpose room. Furniture in this room can be arranged in a variety of styles including auditorium style, classroom, or your discretion. All furniture is on wheels and can be moved by users of the room. During non-pandemic itmes, gatherings in this space cannot exceed 355 attendees per fire code. Pictures are available below to assist in understanding space set-up.

Classroom Style - Socially Distanced

Room Usage Policy

Addendum to Facilities Terms and Conditions
These terms and conditions are in accordance with and addition to University Scheduling Policies.
Reservable spaces are for constituents of Central Washington University only.


  1. Reservations must be submitted through the Scheduling office via 25-live
  2. Once reserved, users of the space are required to check in with DEC staff when you come for your event to review procedures and expectations.

Reservable Spaces - note room capacities are now dependent on state and county regulations and may differ from what is listed below.

  • Room 105: Multipurpose room, capacity for events up to 355 people.
  • Conference Room (101-12): Capacity for meetings up to 14 people

See "Audio/Visual Equipment" section for additional information


  • Student clubs/orgs and S&A funded units use the space at no cost. Fees will be assessed to the club or organization if additional clean up or facilities assistance is needed.
  • The Scheduling Center will bill any entity that uses the space other than the Diversity and Equity Center, clubs, Equity and Service Council (ESC) organizations, S&A funded units
    • Usage fees are as follows:
      • Room 105 is assigned at $20/hour up to the first four hours. Any reservations exceeding four hours is charged a day rate of $150.
      • Room 101-12 (Conference Room) is assigned at $15/hour up to the first four hours. Any reservations exceeding four hours is charged a day rate of $90.

Hours of reservations
The DEC is only reservable during staffed hours, 8am-7pm Monday-Thursday, 8am-5pm Friday, closed Saturday and Sunday during Fall, Winter and Spring quarters when classes are in session. During Summer sessions, the DEC is available 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

The priority of space reservations is determined based upon the following:

  • Priority 1: Student Clubs, Equity and Service Council Organizations or S&A funded units. These groups will be allowed to request space up to two weeks prior to any other groups.
  • Priority 2: CWU departments, instructors and/or units at Central Washington University whose meetings purpose supports the mission, vision and values of the Diversity and Equity Center.
    • Requests for priority 2 groups will not be considered until after the first 2 weeks of each quarter.
    • Priority 2 groups will be asked to fill out a brief form from the Diversity and Equity Center to aid in determining mission, vision and values alignment. The Diversity and Equity Center recognizes that not every gathering will advance equity and diversity and will therefore determine requests on a case-by-case basis in order to prioritize students and diversity work on campus.

Physical Space Setup
The Diversity and Equity Center is a departmentally controlled space. Room 105 functions as a multipurpose space, meaning that the users of the space are responsible setting up the room. Users may notify the DEC before their event to discuss set-up and request assistance. Conference Room (101-12) cannot be re-arranged due to the nature of the conference room table.

Room 105 and the Conference Room should be returned as found; basic cleaning supplies are provided to wipe down tables and clean white boards, as example.
DEC staff is not responsible for providing technical support. Users requesting support should contact Information Services well in advance of their event.

Audio/Visual Equipment Available

Room 105* Conference Room (101-12)*
1 overhead projector & screen 1 display screen (with speakers)
Speakers (in ceiling) 1 Macbook laptop
1 computer HDMI input
HDMI input VGA input
VGA input
ELMO projector
Microphone input - note that a microphone is not provided; users will need to provide their own.

* Note that Room 105 and the Conference Room do not have a phone nor video conferencing/distance education capability

Users will need to provide or make arrangements for any additional technology needs. It is recommended that the SURC assist for these requests.


  • Users of the space are required to return the space to its original condition, including wiping down any white boards, tables, counters, and returning to supplies to their original location(s).
  • Basic cleaning supplies are provided. Failure to clean or return materials to their proper place may result in an additional fee.

While we recognize the need for decorations at some events, the following regulations have been established in keeping with CWU policy, fire safety and facility maintenance considerations.

  • Taping materials to walls, woodwork, brick or other building surfaces is strictly prohibited. When removed, tape damages paint, causes surface deteriorations or leaves behind residue. Violations of this policy will result in cleaning and repair fines.
  • Nails, tacks and staples are not permitted for general use on building surfaces. Tacks and staples should be on surfaces approved for posting only.
  • Decorations must not block or limit access to doors, fire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, or manual pull stations. Decorations may not be hung from light fixtures or fire sprinklers.
  • Decorative paper materials, props, draping etc. must be flame retardant and meet the City of Ellensburg and Central Washington University Policy.
  • Open flames, including candles, must follow fire code and be approved by the Diversity and Equity Center. Some circumstances will require an additional permit by Kittitas Valley Fire and Rescue.
  • Please make prior arrangements with The Diversity and Equity Center to help meet your decoration goals. We have items such as whiteboards and easels to assist with your signs and decorations without infringing upon building policy. For large scale decorations, all of the above policies still apply; however, we encourage the user to work with the SURC.


  • Food is permitted within Room 105 and the Conference Room.
  • Users must comply with Central Washington University’s Catering policy.


  • It is recognized that music and sound are important factors at events; however, the Diversity and Equity Center is located within Black Hall, a building whose primary function is to serve as a space for teaching and learning. Therefore, sound must not substantially and materially disrupt or interfere with the university’s essential academic or administrative functions or the rights and privileges of the university’s students, employees or invitees.
    • If you are considering live music or amplified sound during an event, we highly recommend you meet with the DEC staff to discuss the possibilities at least 2 weeks prior to your event to consult with them.

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