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Resources for Activism and Education


Understanding Prejudice - A website with educational information on prejudice that spans a wide range of topics

On Sexism and Homophobia

Geek Feminism Wiki - A wiki dedicated to Feminism in the gaming, technology, and fandom sector

Feminist Frequency - A website for writings on sexism within the gaming industry

Stereotypes - An article on the roots of homophobia

Stigmatization - A psychiatric journal article about the stigma of mental illness

Heterosexism - Some features of homophobia and how heterosexism is harmful to society as a whole

On Racism

Global Issues - An entry on the meaning and struggles relating to racism

Racism and the Media - an article on racism and its involvement in media

Racism Now - An article on racism in north america from the Ontario Human Rights Commision

Anti-Semitism - An article on what anti-semitism is

Genocide in America - On the most prominent genocides in recent history and their motivations


Reducing Prejudice - Strategies to reduce prejudice

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