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Disability Services

Testing Services

***IMPORTANT NOTE: Beginning Fall Quarter, 2012, the CWU Testing Services Office will administer exams with accommodations on behalf of the faculty. Questions about the process? Call Testing Services at (509) 963-1847***

Disability Services acknowledges that faculty may need help in administering exams requiring adjustments or accommodations. If a faculty member wishes to utilize CWU Testing Services Office complete the form below and return it to the office.

  • DS encourages faculty to provide a syllabus that includes course exam dates for the entire quarter to make the process less time consuming.
  • 24 hours notice is required for exams not previously schedule to ensure Testing Services is able to handle the exam.
  • Finals: Faculty are encouraged to confirm final exam dates and times at the beginning of the quarter. Faculty who are unable to confirm final exam dates and times at the beginning of the quarter must notify the Testing Services Office of upcoming final exams during the week prior to finals week. Due to space limitations, Testing Services may be unable to accommodate testing requests from faculty who do not request testing services for their students the week prior to finals week.

Alternative Testing Service Request form
Print off form to hand deliver

Alternative Testing Service Policies and Procedures