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Disability Services

Student Accommodation Information

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Why Register?

If you want  an academic adjustment, you must identify yourself as having a disability. Your disclosure of a disability is always voluntary. Accommodations are not retroactive, so don't  wait until you are falling behind to seek help.

What about privacy?

DS respects a student’s right to privacy.  None of your peers or professors will know of your disability unless you decide to tell them.

What accommodations will I receive?

Accommodations are determined based on the specific limitations of a disability. Because each disability is unique,each accommodation plan is unique. Accommodation plans may include extended exam time, permission to record lectures and print materials in an alternative format.

Where do I start?

Submit a Request for Services and documentation.
Complete the online form and provide appropriate documentation from a qualified medical professional that verifies the existence of the disabling condition and identifies the functional limitations caused by the disability.

Request for Services Webform
Medical Release of Information Webform (to be filled out by Student)
Health Care Provider Webform (to be filled out by Health Care Provider)

Participate in the Interactive Process
Academic accommodations are determined on an individual basis by DS staff. Students will meet with a DS consultant and may be asked to attend a group intake meeting.

Contact Disability Services with questions or concerns.

Call us: (509)963-1202
Email us:
Come into the office: Bouillon Hall 140