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Disability Services

Smart Pens ~ A New Approach to Notetaking

Have you thought about how the academic accommodations available in college will translate to reasonable accommodations in the workplace?  Unfortunately, many students with disabilities don’t fully prepare for transition to work and find their compensatory skills lacking in that arena.  Disability Services at CWU has been experimenting with technologies that could help bridge the school-to-work gap.  In addition to text-to-speech software that supports reading tasks and speech-to-text software that supports writing tasks, DS has identified a device which may allow you to abandon the old system of receiving notes from a “notetaker” in favor of a technological solution for note taking.   The device – generically called a “smart pen” – allows individuals with disabilities an opportunity to capture important information in classes or business meetings independently.  DS encourages you to click on the link below to see how the pen works.  If you choose to use a smart pen to take notes in class, DS can include “Use of a Smart Pen for Notetaking” in your accommodation plan.



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