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Disability Services

September 24th Intake Meeting Registration (All Students)

Hello to all. This Intake meeting is set up to get all students who are registered with Disability Services set up to receive their accommodations for the fall quarter. It will take place from 3-4pm in Bouilon Hall Room 140 on September 24th. Only fill out the information below if you plan to attend the Intake meeting.

We look forward to meeting all of you! Have a great summer.

Note: If you are not registered with us, it is a very easy process. Under the "How to Access Services" or "Student Information" link. Just fill out our Request for Services Webform and Medical Release Webform (the Medical Release Webform will prompt your Healthcare Provider to fill out their portion via email). Once we receive all of this information, a Consultant from Disability Services will contact you to discuss your accommodation plan.