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Disability Services

Requesting Student Accommodations


Step 1.  Request Services

If you are currently enrolled/accepted, you can login to our system to submit your student application. If you are anticipating on becoming a CWU student, you can submit your student application here. The application form is a brief online questionnaire designed to let students describe the impacts of a disability and request accommodations. 

Step 2.  Submit documentation

Provide appropriate documentation from a qualified medical professional that verifies the existence of the disabling condition and identifies the functional limitations caused by the disability. If a student has documentation on hand, it can be uploaded as an attachment to the student application. Documentation guidelines.

Students who are unsure if their documentation is sufficient are encouraged to request services and meet with a DS consultant to discuss their situation. 

Step 3.  Meet with DS

Once an application form has been reviewed, including complete documentation, a DS consultant will follow-up to schedule a meeting to identify appropriate accommodations.  If any information is incomplete, a DS staff member will contact the student to address what’s needed.  Meetings can also be conducted over the phone, when appropriate.

Step 4.  Notify faculty of accommodations each quarter

Each quarter, students are responsible for making accommodations requests in a timely manner.  During the initial meeting, students will learn how to request accommodations using our online system.


Contact DS with questions or concerns

The Disability Services staff is dedicated to ensuring equal access to education for all students.  If you have difficulty with any step of the accommodation process, please contact a DS consultant immediately.


Wendy Holden
(509) 963-2149

Josh Jones
(509) 963-1680
(509) 963-2214
Come into the office: Hogue Hall 126