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Disability Services

Registering with Disability Services


1. Register with Disability Services using the online form

If you are currently enrolled/accepted at CWU, or intend to enroll, you can register with Disability Services. 

2. Upload Documentation connecting your disability & barriers you experience

Documentation describes the disability and its impact on your academic experiences

Documentation should include:
  • Printed and signed name of a physician, psychologist, rehabilitation counselor, social worker or any authority qualified or certified to assess the disability (this person cannot be related to you)
  • A diagnosis of your disability/health condition, including if the condition is permanent or temporary
  • Description of the functional limitations that may affect academic performance
  • Description of severity
​Documentation Guidelines

Disability Verification Form

Emotional Support Animal Disability Verification Form

Housing Disability Verification Form

3. Meet with a Disability Service Professional

Once an application form has been reviewed, including complete documentation, a DS consultant will follow-up to schedule an one-on-one conversation. Together, we will identify barriers by discussing your disability experience and educational history. We will partner to identify strategies, including accommodations, that can eliminate disability-related barriers.


4. Notify faculty of accommodations each quarter

Each quarter, students are responsible for using the Disability Services portal to make accommodations request each quarter. Students should also talk to each professor about their accommodations at the beginning of the quarter.


The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 guarantee protection from discrimination and equal access to opportunity and participation for people with disabilities.  Academic accommodations are provided to students with diagnosed disabilities to ensure that a student has equal access and is not discriminated against because of the presence of a learning or medical disability.

Academic Accommodations

Examples of academic accommodations include:

  • Permission to record lectures 
  • Exams administered in a quiet room
  • Extended exam time
  • Use of a computer for exams and in-class assignments
  • Print materials in an alternative format 
Services are not provided unless officially authorized by Disability Services

Accommodations are determined based on the specific limitations of a disability. Because each disability is unique, it is impossible to predict what accommodations an individual will receive. Accommodations must not fundamentally alter the content of exams, the standards used to grade, or the requirement that students independently demonstrate their knowledge of course material.


Faculty and students who have questions about academic accommodations can contact DS for more information.


​Hogue Hall 126
400 E University Way
Ellensburg WA, 98926-7582
Phone: 509-963-2214
Fax:  (509) 963-2587

 Disability Services is proud part of CWU Student Success


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