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Disability Services

Priority Snow Removal


Students with disabilities which affect mobility are provided an equal opportunity to travel to and from classes on campus during seasons of inclement weather. DS relies on cooperation of the student and CWU Facilities Management personnel to facilitate the priority snow removal process.

Although priority snow removal is helpful, during periods of heavy/continuous snowfall, students with mobility or visual impairments will undoubtedly experience difficulties with travel on campus. In addition, priority snow removal efforts are focused on the main campus and do not extend to city sidewalks, streets and personal walkways/driveways.
*Ellensburg Campus only


  • Student: Must request services and register for classes in a timely manner
  • DS: Must work with facilities to ensure appropriate plans are established for snow removal and that a current "Priority Snow Removal" map is available.
  • Faculty: Are asked to be sensitive about tardiness of students with mobility or vision impairments during inclement weather.


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