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Disability Services

Print Materials in Alternative Formats

The Disability Services (DS) Central Access Program provides alternatively formatted textbooks and other related academic print materials in accessible formats to eligible students with disabilities. The term "accessible formats" includes, but is not limited to, audiobooks, electronic text (E-Text), Braille and enlarged print. DS relies on student cooperation to facilitate the procurement and production of print materials in alternative formats. The following procedures identify the responsibilities of DS and the student.


Students must provide DS with documentation verifying the need for print materials in an alternative format.

Students are strongly encouraged to become patrons of Learning Ally and record their  user number with DS.**


Students must review the on-line class schedule, make course selections and register for classes during the time frame indicated on the DS Academic Year Calendar (e.g., early registration period). It is recommended that students meet with their academic advisor prior to selecting classes.

Students must submit a request for the materials required in alternative formats (e.g., Alternative Format Request Form). These requests must be submitted to the DS Office within prescribed deadline dates as indicated on the DS Academic Year Calendar.  Students requiring a reader or scribe may schedule an appointment to work with a DS staff member for assistance in completing the Alternative Format Request Form.

Students may be asked to provide a current course syllabus which identifies required readings and provides a timeline.

Priority is given to requests made on or before DS prescribed deadline dates. Late requests are recorded on a "time available" basis.

Students making post‑deadline changes in alternatively formatted textbook requests may be required to provide DS with a course syllabus indicating required readings and a timeline. Production of alternatively formatted textbooks requested after established deadlines will proceed on a "time available" basis.


DS will facilitate an early registration for all students eligible for alternatively formatted print materials.

DS will conduct a bibliographic search with the libraries and publishing houses to determine the availability of previously recorded materials. Available materials will be ordered by DS.

When alternatively formatted textbooks are requested on or before prescribed deadlines, DS will work with the University Store to obtain textbooks for the purpose of reformatting and will have reformatted materials prepared prior to the time they are required for the course.

policy established - 1988 revised - 2005, 2008, 2009, 2011

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