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Disability Services

Note Taking and Lecture Recording Policy and Procedures

Disability Services (DS) Lecture Recording/Notetaking Program provides access to course lectures for students with disabilities that affect their ability to take lecture notes. DS relies on student cooperation to facilitate the lecture recording/notetaking process. The following procedures identify the responsibilities of DS, the faculty and the student.


The student must provide DS with documentation verifying the need for audio recorded lectures/notetakers. Documentation may not be required of students with obvious physical disabilities.


Students must inform their professor(s) of their need to record the lecture or utilize a notetaker.

If a notetaker is required, students must work with their professors to identify a classmate who is willing to share his/her lecture notes.

If professors are unable to identify a volunteer notetaker, students are encouraged to notify  DS that their need for a notetaker has not been met.

Students who utilize notetaking assistance due to an inability to write or to accommodate learning and/or attention deficits must attend all classes and attempt to take notes to the best of their ability. Failure to do so may result in termination of the accommodation.


DS will loan digital recorders to students wishing to record lectures. (This is contingent upon the availability of equipment and supplies.)

DS will provide NCR paper (notetaking paper) or arrange to have lecture notes photocopied.

Upon student request, a DS Consultant will meet with a professor or class to help facilitate a volunteer notetaker. (This will occur only after the professor has made a good faith effort to facilitate the accommodation.)

If attempts to find a volunteer notetaker fail, DS will arrange to have a notetaker attend the student's class.


CWU faculty will identify a qualified volunteer notetaker.

If attempts to find a volunteer notetaker fail, professors must notify DS that the student's request for accommodation has not been met.

CWU faculty who do not wish to utilize volunteer notetakers will work with their department chairs and/or deans to identify a funding source for hiring paid notetakers. DS is willing to assist the faculty in identifying a qualified paid notetaker.

policy established - 1988 revised - 1998; revised - 2009; revised - 2011

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