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Syllabus Statement

Do accommodations give students an unfair advantage?
No.  Reasonable accommodations are legally mandated and are intended to provide students with documented disabilities an opportunity to be evaluated based on ability, not disability.

Can I set a deadline for accepting accommodation requests for the quarter?
No.  Students can request accommodations at any time in the quarter, however, accommodations are not retroactive.  You are not expected to change grades earned without accommodations prior to self-identification by the student.
Am I required to lower the standards of a required assignment because the student has a disability?
No. Standards should be the same for all students. Accommodations provide equal access to the educational process, not guaranteed success.
What if I don't have a quiet area to administer exams?
Testing Services can administer exams for students who receive exam accommodations.

I suspect a student has a disability. How can I suggest the student talk to DS?
Tell the student you have noticed they are struggling; then provide information about campus resources, listing DS as one of several resources.
Can I ask students about their disabilities?
You can ask students about their needs related to learning and fulfilling the requirements of your course, but you should avoid asking specific questions about their disability. Please respect student privacy and do not share information about accommodations or a student's disability without permission.

Where can I find information about specific accommodations or disabilities?
Additional information and links to helpful online resources can be found under the Helpful Links tab on the main page.

What language do you recommend that I use on my syllabus?
If you have a disability and require accommodations for this course, please speak with me privately as soon as possible so that your needs may be appropriately met. If you have not already done so, you will need to register with Disability Services (DS). DS is located in Bouillon 140. Call (509) 963-1202 or email for more information.

Effective communication between faculty, students, and DS staff is crucial in appropriately providing accommodations.  Please contact  Wendy Holden  (x2149) if you have questions or concerns.