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Disability Services

Elevator Outage


Disability Services (DS) Elevator Outage policy and response procedures are designed to ensure that students with disabilities that affect mobility and/or vision are provided an equal opportunity to attend classes when elevator outages create temporary physical barriers to access. DS relies on cooperation of the student, faculty, department personnel and Facilities Management to ensure that continuous access to classes is maintained. The following procedures identify the responsibilities of DS, the student and Facilities Management. 


Students must provide DS with documentation verifying the need for this accommodation. Documentation may not be required of students with obvious physical disabilities. 


Students must register for classes during the DS early registration period. 

Students must notify DS of any class schedule changes and additions OR changes in classrooms, class meeting times, and/or days. 


On or about the tenth week of each quarter (after the registration period for continuing students), DS will obtain class schedules for the following quarter for students who are eligible for this accommodation. When elevator outages are reported to DS in a timely manner, DS will proceed as follows: 

STUDENTS WITH VISUAL IMPAIRMENTS will be notified by telephone whenever possible so that they may be prepared to locate stairwells. 

STUDENTS WITH MOBILITY IMPAIRMENTS WHO ARE NOT WHEELCHAIR USERS will be contacted by telephone whenever possible to determine whether stair climbing is feasible. If the student indicates that stair climbing is not possible, DS will arrange to move inaccessible class(es) to accessible locations. 

STUDENTS WITH MOBILITY IMPAIRMENTS WHO ARE WHEELCHAIR USERS will be contacted by telephone whenever possible. DS will automatically arrange to move inaccessible class(es) to accessible locations. 

Whenever possible, faculty and other department personnel will be notified in advance if a class must be moved to an accessible location. 

When elevator outages are not reported to DS in a timely manner, it may be impossible to contact students or move classes. Under these conditions, DS will arrange to record lectures for students who are unable to attend class(es). Professors will be asked to assist students in obtaining missing information, materials and/or assignments resulting from the inability to attend class. 

When an elevator malfunction or other emergency necessitates emergency building evacuation University Police will respond (per Evacuation Procedures/1988), assess the situation and make arrangements with KITCOM for evacuation of mobility impaired students. 


Upon receipt of notification that all alternative measures for emergency evacuation have failed, Facilities Management will respond as quickly as possible. 

Policy established - 1988 revised - 1997; revised - 2011

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