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Disability Services

Early Registration Policy and Procedures

Disability Services (DS) Early Registration Program provides students with specific disabilities and/or functional limitations an opportunity for priority in the registration process. Students who have physical or attentional limitations or who have psychological disabilities which are aggravated by stress are encouraged to register early in order to avoid class schedules which exacerbate the functional limitations of their disability/disabilities. Students who utilize textbooks in alternative formats or require sign language interpreters/speech-to-text transcribers in their classes may be required to register early so they may submit accommodation requests to the DS Office in a timely manner. Students who need to administer medications at specific times of the day may also be eligible for early registration. DS relies on student cooperation to facilitate the registration process. The following procedures identify the responsibilities of DS and the student.


The student must provide DS with documentation verifying the need for early registration. Documentation may not be required of students with obvious physical disabilities.

Students must be in good financial standing with the University.


Students must obtain a DS Academic Year Calendar and complete the registration process during the time frame indicated. Students who do not complete the registration process during DS's early registration period will be required to register during their regularly scheduled registration time as assigned by the CWU Registrar's Office.

Students must complete on-line registration using SAFARI. NOTE: Students unable to register on-line due to their disability/disabilities may schedule an appointment to complete the registration process with assistance from Registrar's Office and/or DS staff.


DS will work with the Registrar's Office to identify dates for early registration for students with disabilities. These dates will appear on the DS Academic Year Calendar.

DS will initiate appropriate computer coding to allow eligible students with disabilities to participate in early registration using SAFARI.

NOTE: Students will receive confirmation of registration from the Registrar's Office.

policy established - 1988 revised - 2004; revised - 2011

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