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Disability Services

Early Notification of Assignments Policy and Procedures

Early notification of assignments was established to help students avoid "next day" assignments.  This adjustment provides students with specific disabilities and/or functional limitations an opportunity to obtain additional time to complete assignments without adversely impacting end-of-the quarter obligations.

Students must recognize that it is inappropriate to request additional time on the day an assignment is due.

The following procedures identify the responsibilities of the student, DS and the faculty:


The student must provide DS with documentation verifying the need for early notification of assignments.


Students must schedule an appointment to meet with the professor of each class in which they wish to obtain early information about assignments. During that meeting, students must discuss their need for additional time to complete assignments and request specific information which will allow them to begin the necessary research, reading, writing, etc.


DS will develop a profile for each eligible student with a disability which includes all approved accommodations, academic adjustments and auxiliary aids. The student profile will identify Early Notification of Assignments as an appropriate academic accommodation.


When possible, faculty will provide students with specific instructions which will allow them to begin the necessary research, reading, writing, etc., required to complete assignments by prescribed class deadlines. This can mean that professors must explain assignment requirements to students with disabilities prior to the time that the class as a whole receives this information.  However, when faculty allow ample time for all students to complete assignments, it is not necessary to provide students with disabilities additional time unless grading is competitive.

policy established - 1988 revised - 2000; revised 2011

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