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Disability Services

DS Frequently Asked Questions for Employees

I have a disability.  How do I arrange for reasonable accommodations?

Send documentation of your disability to CWU’s Disability Services (DS), submit an Employee Notification of Disability and Request for Accommodation(s) Form and then schedule an appointment with a DS representative.

I’m getting older and as a result have more aches and pains.  Some of these seem to be attributable to my workstation.  What do I do?

If your health care provider believes that your discomfort is significant enough to be considered a disability, have them fill out the Health Care Provider Statement.  If your condition is not severe enough to be considered a disability, feel free to contact Disability Services to see if modifications to your behavior or work station might make you more comfortable.

What are the most common disabilities that require accommodations at CWU?

In the workplace the most commonly requested accommodations are associated with back injuries, mobility limitations and chronic health conditions.  

What is documentation of a disability?

Documentation of a disability is a written description of the diagnosis and the functional limitations caused by the disability and must be generated by a “qualified medical or diagnostic professional”.

I had minor surgery and during my recovery period it is difficult to walk any distance.  Can I get a temporary disabled parking permit?

Yes.  Be sure that your documentation gives specific information about how long your recovery is expected to take.

I’m recovering from surgery or an injury and would like to return to work but part of my job requires me to [lift/stretch/stand for long periods/bend/etc.].  Is “light duty” an accommodation for my temporary disability?

Yes.  A temporary 'light duty' assignment can be a reasonable accommodation depending on the availability of such work.

I may need to take a lot of sick leave [for treatment/to care for my spouse or child with a serious medical condition/to recover from surgery].  Is there anyone else on campus I should consult?

Yes.  You may want to call your Human Resources Representative and inquire about the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).



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