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Disability Services

Disability Services Intake QUIZ

Please answer each question correctly, to indicate that you've read through all the Intake information. The results will be sent to Disability Support Services.

Test Your Knowledge

1. If I don’t use my testing accommodations and I fail a test I can:

Answer: Make arrangements to use my testing accommodations on future exams. Academic adjustments are not retroactive.

2. I've sent my accommodation request to my professor but he hasn't responded.  What do I do?

Answer:  Complete the accommodation request process by contacting the professor and discussing my requests.  Requesting accommodations is a two-step process.  Step one is sending the official request and step two is speaking with the professor of the class.  The faculty has no obligation to accommodate until the student has completed both steps.

3. My disability causes me to miss a lot of classes.  My professors are required to allow me "flexible attendance" because of my disability.

Answer:  False.  The courts have ruled that professors can apply  reasonable attendance policies to all students, including students with  disabilities.

4. One of my accommodations is "Early Registration."  If I miss it and don't register for my classes during early registration week, I can:

Answer: Register at the time assigned to me by the Registrar’' Office and take my chances that the classes I need will be open.

5. My professor posts her assignments for the entire class on Blackboard two weeks before they are due.  She grades on a point system. Not "on a curve."  Because I have a disability and am eligible to receive "early notification of assignments," my professor is required to give me my assignments three weeks before they're due.

Answer:  False.  The purpose of the academic adjustment "early notification of assignments" is to help students with disabilities avoid "next day" assignments.  If the professor provides information about assignments to the class two weeks before the assignment is due, she is applying the concept of Universal Design and is honoring the request for early notification without the need to provide a special accommodation.

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