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Disability Services

Central Access Price List

 Low FormatMedium FormatHigh Format
Image PDF$0.20$0.20$0.20
Text Selectable PDF$0.90$1.40$1.60
Edited Word Docs$0.65$0.95$1.25
DAISY 3.0$0.90$1.40$1.60
Human Read Audio                                         $2.50
Computer Generated Audio$0.90$1.40$1.60
DAISY 2.0 Audio$0.90$1.40$1.60
Math DAISY                                            $5.50
Nemeth Braille                                         $10.00
Tactile Graphics                        $10.00 per Tactile Graphic
Image Description                         .50 per image, $20 minimum 

Extra charges may apply to books containing complex equations, formulas or foreign languages.        

            Fill out a Scope of Work Form for an individualized estimate.