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Disability Services

Accomodation Information


Academic Accommodations


Scheduling Exams through the Disability Services portal


Accommodated Exams

Disability Services (DS) approves specific testing accommodations for students whose disability impairs their ability to demonstrate mastery  of their  courses  on exams/tests. Once approved, accommodated exams are administered by the professor or the CWU Testing Services Office. IMPORTANT NOTE: Accommodations are not retroactive. Exams taken without accommodations cannot be retaken with accommodations to raise the grade.

Notetaking and Lecture Recording

Central Washington University's (CWU) Disability Services (DS) ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to the educational process while encouraging independence and mastery of technological tools, whenever possible. To that end, eligible students are provided with access to assistive notetaking devices (e.g., Smart Pen, digital recorder) or permission to use personal technology (e.g., cellular phone, laptop) to students whose disability impairs their ability to take comprehensive notes during lectures. Students who, due to their disability, are unable to use an assistive notetaking device (e.g., blind, Deaf or physically unable to write) may be provided with a copy of a classmate's notes.

Modified Attendance

Modified Attendance Agreement

In most cases, class attendance is critical to a student’s mastery of the knowledge and skills that are taught in a specific course and students are expected to follow the attendance policy established by the instructor in each class. If a qualified student with a disability believes it may not be possible to abide by the attendance policy do to disability related reasons, the student should contact Disability Services (DS) prior to the beginning of the quarter, or as soon as possible after the need for an exception arises, to discuss the matter of a possible accommodation.

DS may determine that a student’s disability entitles the student to a modification of the usual course attendance policy. Modifications of course attendance policies will be determined on an individual, case-by-case basis depending upon the extent to which the supporting medical or psychological documentation from a licensed professional, qualified to diagnose and treat the disability, supports the need for modification to an attendance policy. The accommodation will be listed in the electronic faculty notification letter.

Central Washington University will make every effort to accommodate students disability related academic needs. However, neither the university nor an individual faculty member is required to waive essential or fundamental academic requirements of a course regardless of the nature of a student’s disability. If a professor or department can demonstrate to Disability Services that attendance is an essential or fundamental academic requirement for the course or to any directly related licensing requirement, they may put in place reasonable attendance requirements.

Modification of the attendance policy does not mean that unlimited absences will be permitted. The number of absences permitted will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Absences for non-disability related reasons, appointments will not be excused by the agreement.

Early Registration

The Disability Services (DS) Early Registration accommodation provides students with specific disabilities and/ or functional limitations an opportunity for priority in the registration process. Students who have physical or attentional limitations or who have psychological disabilities which are aggravated by stress are encouraged to register early in order to avoid class schedules which exacerbate the functional limitations of their disability/ disabilities.

Students who utilize textbooks in alternative formats or require sign language
interpreters/ speech-to-text transcribers in their classes may be required to register early so they may submit accommodation requests to the DS Office in a  timely manner. Students who need to administer medications at specific times of the day may  also be eligible for early registration. The following procedures identify the responsibilities of DS and the student.


Housing Accommodations



Emotional Support Animals

Central Washington University (CWU) recognizes that living on campus and being in school can be stressful for students.  The university maintains a “no pets” policy in on-campus housing.  However, in accordance with Federal law (Fair Housing Amendments Act), CWU will consider requests for accommodations to the housing policy to allow students experiencing significant mental health problems to keep an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) with them in-residence.  The presence of an ESA may help students to manage their symptomology.  The question in determining if an ESA will be allowed in University housing is whether or not the animal is necessary because of the individual’s disability to afford the individual an equal opportunity to use and enjoy University housing and if the ESAs presence in University housing is reasonable.

On-campus housing is generally not an animal-friendly environment.  The communal living nature of the residence halls and apartments requires the institution to consider the comfort and concerns of all students in residence.  Therefore, Central Washington University offers some important guidance for those who are considering making a request for an ESA. (NOTE: ESAs are not permitted on campus until the accommodation request has been made and approved by Housing and Residence Life; students found with unauthorized animals on campus will be subject to sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct or housing contract dismissal.)

CWU Emotional Support Animal Request Procedure

Single Room Requests

**All students should proceed with standard room-selection procedures to ensure placement in the event that their accommodation request is not approved.**

CWU will accept and consider requests for reasonable accommodation in University housing at any time. The individual making the request for accommodation should complete the Disability Services online application form to as soon as possible. For accommodation requests made fewer than 60 days before the individual intends to move into University housing, CWU cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the individual’s accommodation needs during the first semester or term of occupancy.

If the need for the accommodation arises when an individual already resides in University housing, he/she should contact Disability Services and complete the online application as soon as possible. CWU cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the accommodation needs during the quarter in which the request is received.

Dining Accommodations


Meal plan Exemptions


Managing Food Allergies








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