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Disability Services

Accommodation Requests~Step-by-Step Directions

Student Disability Services
On-Line Accommodation Request System
Step-by-Step Instructions

1.  Go to the Disability Services web page on the CWU website.

2.  Click on "Quick Links", then click on "Classroom Accommodation
Request" underneath the heading "Online Requests".

3.  Enter your credentials (the user name and password you se to access your
Email account.

4.  Using the drop-down menu, select the CWU campus associated with the
     course.  For on-line classes, please select "on line".  Then, click "log in".

5.  When your student profile appears, go to the "course information" section and
     select the correct quarter from the drop-down menu.

6.  Type in the course name/number (example:  ENG 101) the section number
     (example:  .02).

7.  Type in the professor's first and last name and click "Lookup Email".
     If you've spelled the professor's name correctly, his/her Email address will
IMPORTANT NOTE:  Check your syllabus to ensure you've selected the correct
Email address for your professor!!

8.  Go to the "Accommodation Request" section and click to select each
     adjustment you wish to request for this course, then click "submit".

PLEASE REMEMBER ~ Communication is key!  The on-line request is the first step in the process of informing your professors of the accommodations you wish to use.  It is important to personally speak with each instructor about the adjustments you've requested for each class.

Some academic adjustments do not apply to on-line courses.

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