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Disability Services

Accessing Text Selectable PDFs

Materials that are hosted as PDF files can be accessed in several ways:

SpeakIt is a Free Chrome Plug In that is easy to install and use.

Balabolka is a text to speech program that offers a variety of options for customization and allows you to create MP3 files from PDF files.

To avoid adding extra applications, refer to the instructions below when installing the program. 

On Step 2, be sure to click "Custom Install" not the express one, and then uncheck the two options for "Install the sweetpacks..." and "Set my default search..."

On Step 3, please notice that it is a Special offer, so click "Decline," and the installation will continue.


NaturalReader is another free tts program

To use the Central Access Reader to access materials, text must be in a Word Doc.  You can copy and paste the text from your textbook into a Word Document if you would like to use CAR to listen to PDF files that have been hosted to your account.

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