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Disability Services

Academic Adjustments

In increase clarity and better serve students and faculty, Disability Services is refining the accommodation system.  The list of accommodations has been consolidated and simplified.  

Requests for preferential seating, the ability drink or eat in class, to stand up, stretch, elevate legs or leave the classroom briefly due to a disability are issues that can be addressed without the involvement of DS.  Faculty members are encouraged to use professional judgment and flexibility when faced with this type of request.   Feel free to contact Disability Services at 962-2149 if you have questions or concerns.

Academic Accommodations:

Test Accommodations    Exam accommodations include extended time and use of assistive technology.  Exam accommodations requires collaboration between the student, faculty and if necessary Testing Services.

Permission to record lectures  Students must comply with the CWU Lecture Recording Agreement.  

Reasonable sensitivity to disability related absences    The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has provided criteria that faculty should consult when determining if flexibility is appropriate.  Attendance Flexibility Guidelines

ASL interpreter or Real-time transcription 

Captioned videos  All multimedia content including online video clips, narrated presentations,  and DVDs used in class must be captioned or subtitled in advance of the class session in which they are used.

Class materials in an accessible format.  Any information presented to the class, including the course syllabus, Power Point Presentations, and any handouts that are distributed (either in hardcopy or digitally) must be available in an accessible format.

Assistive Technology in the Classroom Assistive technology can include amplification systems for students who are Hard of Hearing.  Professors may be asked to wear a small microphone.

By anticipating diversity in the classroom and designing classes that allow for multiple methods of presentation, expression and engagement, instructors can reduce the need for accommodations and make learning more accessible to all students.

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