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Whey Protein as a Flour Replacement in Banana Bread

by LeiAnna Fleury, Amy Wachsmith

LeiAnna Fleury, Amy Wachsmith

Today consumers are looking for new ways to eat, live and become healthier.  One way that is very popular is the increase of protein intake.  This is done through protein shakes, bars and powders.  These leads to the decision to add protein to baked goods, to increase protein yet allow consumers to consume the foods they love.

By substituting whey protein for ½ of the flour and 1/3 the flour in Better Homes and Gardens cookbook banana bread recipe, panelists were asked to evaluate tenderness, sweetness, color, preference and acceptability of the three loaves.  This testing was conducted in a laboratory sensory booth, where the panelists were without distraction and without a preconceived bias.

The objective five tests conducted for the three banana bread variations were run in the laboratory, using the TA.XT2 texture analyzer (tenderness), the Warner-Bratzler Shear Apparatus (shear force), volumeter (volume), weight was run on a laboratory digital scale and from that density was calculated.

The results from the difference test showed that there is a definite difference between the original bread and the two altered breads.  The general consensus on the sensory results showed that there were not many significant differences between the color, preference and acceptability.  However, there were significant differences between sweetness and tenderness.  The objective testing results showed that there were significant differences between the five tests that were run.

The results concluded that whey protein could be substituted for flour in a baked product and still produce an acceptable and preferable product.  The product with the whey protein will be more dense and less tender.

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