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The Use of Carbonated Beverages as Fat Substitutes in Boxed Chocolate Cake

by Jordan Ray, Jacie Johnson, Kelly Hamilton

Jordan Ray, Jacie Johnson, Kelly Hamilton

During this research, fat and cholesterol were reduced from a conventional chocolate cake box mix by replacing eggs and oil with carbonated beverages. One slice of control cake (1/10 of the cake) contains 270 kcals, 22% daily total fat, and 22% daily cholesterol. A slice of cake made with sprite or club soda contains 180 kcals and 160 kcals, respectfully, only 4% daily total fat, and 0% daily cholesterol.  The original volume of water, eggs and oil was measured and replaced with the same volume of Sprite or club soda. 800 grams of each cake batter was poured into the same 9x13 inch pans and each variation of cake was baked in the same oven.

The control cake was baked for 30 minutes while the cake variations were baked for 35 minutes.  We began our research in September 2012, and collected objective and subjective data in the beginning of February. Two separate, two-hour sessions were held to allow 50 different judges to complete sensory testing. We obtained data from four different sensory tests: preference, duo-trio, tenderness, and sweetness. Duo-trio tests showed that the two variations are significantly different than the control. Analysis of variance testing revealed overall acceptability in preference and sweetness (P<0.05), however, a significant difference was found in tenderness (P>0.05).

Objective testing resulted in a significant difference in cake height (P<0.05), but not in penetration force (P>0.05). This study demonstrates that even though the cake variations are significantly different than the control, they are seen as an acceptable replacement in order to lower calories, fat, and cholesterol.

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