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Treetop Fruit Flakes and Treetop Applesauce are Acceptable Replacements For Oil in Duncan Hines Apple Cinnamon Muffin Mix

by Kelsey Penn, Kimberly Strong, and Kaycie Smith

Kelsey Penn, Kimberly Strong, and Kaycie Smith

In the United States today, more than ever, the prevalence of obesity, heart disease and diabetes is present. The importance of low-fat snack and meal options is crucial to the reverse of this epidemic.

This research project was designed to test the acceptability between Tree Top fruit flakes and Tree Top apple sauce as an oil replacement in Duncan Hines apple cinnamon muffin mix to provide a low fat muffin. Three variations of the muffin were produced: oil replaced with applesauce, oil replaced with fruit flakes and a control that was made as directed on the package. Objective tests were performed to test density, penetration force and height of the muffins as these are common traits that change when replacing fat. Sensory evaluations were completed on untrained CWU students.

The participants were recruited from other nutrition courses, posters, handouts and occasional random encounters. These tests included three duo-trio tests and one preference test. The research found significant differences in penetration force and density. No significant differences were found in muffin height, duo-trios tests or preference tests. The results suggest that applesauce and fruit flakes both are acceptable oil replacements in apple cinnamon muffins.

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