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Tofu Puree as a Fat Replacement/Fat Reducer in a Commercial Fudge Brownie Mix

by Sarah Diana, Natalie Rumble, Danielle Mackie

Sarah Diana, Natalie Rumble, Danielle Mackie

The health benefits of soy protein have been associated with decreased risk of heart disease. Many Americans strive to include dietary sources of soy protein and to decrease total fat in their diets. Adding tofu puree as a fat replacement to baked products can help reduce the total fat and cholesterol, while including the benefits of soy protein. However acceptability of a product with tofu puree may present a problem.

Three different samples of commercial brownie mixes were prepared and tested with varying levels of fat and tofu puree.  The control was made according to the box instructions, the reduced fat sample was made by replacing the oil with an equal amount of tofu puree by weight, and the low-fat sample was made by replacing the eggs and oil with tofu puree by weight. Sensory tests including sweetness intensity, chewiness intensity, moisture intensity, a preference test and two triangle tests were performed on each different sample.

Objective tests including penetration and withdrawal force using the TA.XT2 Texture Analyzer and a moisture content drying test were performed. Our findings showed that there was no significant difference in chewiness, withdrawal force or percentage of moisture lost. There was a significant difference in sweetness, moistness, penetration force and acceptability, with the control being more highly rated in each category. The control was found to be the most acceptable, sweetest, and moistest brownie. Although the acceptability of the control sample was the highest, the mean score of acceptability for the reduced fat and low-fat brownie may suggest that they are acceptable as well.

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