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Supplementing Peanut Butter Cookies with Golden Flaxseed to Add Dietary Fiber

by Elizabeth Alzate, Julia Hulbert, Paulina Spencer

Elizabeth Alzate, Julia Hulbert, Paulina Spencer

This study determined the overall preference, sensory testing, objective testing, and nutrient content of peanut butter cookies made using golden flaxseed as a replacement for flour. There were three cookies used, the control, which contained no flaxseed, the 1g, which contained 1gram of fiber per cookie, and the 2g, which contained 2 grams of fiber per cookie. The golden flaxseed was used to replace 47% of the flour for the 1g cookie, and 94% of the flour for the 2g cookies.

Sixty-two untrained judges came and participated in the rating of peanut butter cookies. Analysis of variance conducted on the sensory characteristics and overall preference indicated a statistically significant effect when replacing flour for taste, texture, and overall preference  (P<0.05). ANOVA analysis indicated that the 1g peanut butter cookies were not significantly different from the control for overall preference, texture, and peanut butter intensity. The 2g peanut butter cookies compared to the control were significantly different from the control based on overall preference. However, there was no significant difference in texture and peanut butter intensity between the 2g and the control cookies.

There was no significant difference with texture and overall preference between the 1g and 2g cookies. However there was a significant difference in peanut butter intensity. Cookie height was not affected by the golden flaxseed in the formulation. This study demonstrates that golden flaxseed can replace as much as 47% of flour in peanut butter cookies while yielding a more nutritious product with an acceptable overall preference.

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