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The Supplementation of Ground Flaxseed Produces an Acceptable Quality in Banana Muffins

by Eva Melik, Jessica Oberholser, and Kristy Walker

Eva Melik, Jessica Oberholser, and Kristy Walker

A diet high in a-linolenic acid is beneficial in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. This study examined how quality of a low fat, low cholesterol banana muffin recipe was affected by supplementation of ground flaxseed, which is rich in a-linolenic acid.  Flaxseed was added at 0%, 10%, and 20% of the Daily Recommended Value of a-linolenic acid for males. Compared to the control, the 10% and 20% represent good and excellent sources per muffin, respectively. Judges from Central Washington University (n=17 - 28) evaluated samples on a nine-point hedonic scale for moistness intensity, sweetness intensity, and tenderness. Additional tests included two triangle tests and a preference test using a nine-point Smiley scale.

Objective tests included muffin height, compression, and penetration. Data was assessed with the Analysis of Variance procedure in Microsoft Excel Data Analysis and Tukey's LSD (a=0.05). Judges rated the good source as a significantly more tender product than the excellent source. Puncture force showed the only statistical significance of the three objective tests. The 10% variation was significantly more tender than the 20% and control variations. Overall, this research found that supplementation of flaxseed produced acceptable banana muffins.

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