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StarchLite is an Acceptable Addition to Flour Tortillas

by Ashley Smith; Jackie Arbuthnot; Doan Nghiem

Ashley Smith; Jackie Arbuthnot; Doan Nghiem

StarchLite is an all natural white bean extract (Phaseolus vulgaris) that has been found to delay digestion and absorption of high starch foods by inhibiting enzyme alpha-amylase.   The addition of StarchLite results in a lowered Glycemic Index (GI) of starchy foods (2). The purpose of the study was to evaluate StarchLite as an acceptable addition to flour tortillas.  Objective and sensory tests were used to evaluate flour tortillas containing StarchLite and flour tortillas without StarchLite.  Objective tests found significant differences in height, diameter, and tenderness between the control and the StarchLite samples. 

Twenty-two untrained judges participated in sensory evaluation of the flour tortillas.  The judges made evaluations using 9 point hedonic rating scales for saltiness, tenderness, and preference.  The judges also participated in an extended duo trio difference test.  Judges scores indicated significant differences in tenderness and saltiness but not in preference.  The results of the duo trio test indicate 18 of the 22 judges could identify the control tortilla from the StarchLite tortilla.  This study concludes that StarchLite is an acceptable addition to flour tortillas.

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