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Spinach and Carrot Purees as an Acceptable Addition to Fudge Brownies

by Tennyson Salopek & Allison Schmidt

Tennyson Salopek & Allison Schmidt

Vegetables high in Vitamin A, C, dietary fiber, and folate are shown to reduce the risk of certain cancers and help promote a healthy lifestyle. This study determined the acceptability of spinach and carrot purees as an addition to brownies. Spinach and carrots are both rich sources of vitamins A, C, dietary fiber, and folate. Three variations of brownies were prepared: a control with no addition of vegetable purees, a second variation with one half cup carrot and spinach puree added, and a third variation with one cup carrot and spinach puree added.

This study used forty untrained Central Washington University students for sensory evaluation to assess the brownies on moistness, vegetable intensity, quality of acceptability, and overall preference. Results of all four sensory evaluations showed a significant difference in ratings among the products between subjects. The sensory tests revealed that the two cup total puree variation was the most moist and most intense in vegetable taste and the one cup total puree was the most acceptable and preferred. Objective testing was done on the brownies using the Universal Texture Analyzer, TA.XT2 (Texture Technologies Corp., Scarsdale, NY/Stable Micro Systems, Godalming, Surrey, UK) to measure penetration force and height using vernier calipers. The one cup variation and the control were significantly different from the two cup variation and differed slightly between each other. The two cup variation was shortest and took less penetration force. Overall, the one cup total puree variation was the most acceptable fudge brownie.

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