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Smart Balance Buttery Spreads Found as Undetectable Fat Replacers in Yellow Butter Cake

by Carli Kettel, Giselle Kauer, Alyssa Silva

Carli Kettel, Giselle Kauer, Alyssa Silva

The purpose of this study was to determine the acceptability of Smart Balance Buttery Spreads as undetectable fat replacers in yellow butter cake through sensory and objective testing. Smart Balance Original Organic (79% vegetable oils) and Smart Balance Omega-3 (64% vegetable oils) replaced butter in equal amounts to develop lower calorie and lower fat cake variations.

Thirty-one untrained college students completed a total of three extended triangle tests to establish whether differences could be perceived between the variations. Difference analysis determined that judges were unable to distinguish between the control, the Smart Balance Original Organic variation, and the Smart Balance Omega-3 variation (P<0.05).

Objective testing consisted of differences in cake height, penetration force, compression force, moisture content, and shelf life. Analysis of variance conducted found that penetration force was significantly (P<0.05) lower than the control, with 22 grams less of force required to penetrate the cake. Cake height, compression force and moisture content were found to be insignificant in this study.

Penetration force and compression force were also used when studying the shelf life of the cake over a four day period. The control cake decreased the most in penetration force while the Smart Balance Omega-3 variation decreased the least in penetration force over the shelf life period. Compression force during the shelf life study was found to be insignificant.

This study demonstrates that despite statistical differences, there were no functional differences between the cake variations, proving Smart Balance Buttery Spreads as appropriate substitutions for butter in yellow butter cake.

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