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Sensory Evaluation and Objective Measurements of FiberAid as an Acceptable Prebiotic in Brownies

by Katelyn Dickison, Madeline Tucker, and Tiffany Wills

Katelyn Dickison, Madeline Tucker, and Tiffany Wills

Prebiotics have been shown to improve digestive health and contribute to GI regularity.  This study determined the acceptability of FiberAid as a prebiotic agent in brownies.  FiberAid is a polysaccharide derived from the American Larch tree, and is a prebiotic and dietary fiber source. 

Three variations of brownies were prepared from Pillsbury boxed brownies; a control with no FiberAid, and two variations with 0.5% and 1.0% total weight respectively.   The height was objectively measured with a Vernier Caliper and the texture was analyzed by the TA-XT2 universal texture analyzer.  The mean heights were as follows; control 21.9 - 2.9mm, 0.5% 22.5 - 2.2mm, 1.0% 21.4 - 1.7mm.  These results show that there was not a significant difference between variations (p≤0.05). 

The mean values for texture were as follows; control 258.4 - 56.8g, 0.5% 249.1 - 39.3g, 1.0% 210.7 - 56.9g.  The TA-XT2 results show that there was a significant difference between the control and the 1.0% variation (p≤0.05). The variation that contained 1.0% FiberAid was less tough than the control.

Sensory testing was conducted to determine consumer acceptability using extended triangle testing.  Thirty three judges participated and were not able to distinguish the variations from one another (difference analysis).  Results show that FiberAid is not detectable in these amounts by the consumer and is an acceptable prebiotic agent.

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