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Sensory and Objective Evaluations Show that Enova Oil is an Acceptable Shortening Substitute in Gingerbread Cookies

by Sarah N. Richey, Emily M. Hobbs , and Mercedes J. Clouser

Sarah N. Richey, Emily M. Hobbs , and Mercedes J. Clouser

This study examined the acceptability of using three different fat substitutes in Gingerbread Cookies: Enova Oil, Benefat and Rice Bran Oil. Each fat substitute was substituted cup for cup with shortening in the original recipe.  Forty volunteers evaluated the cookies rating them on chewiness, ginger intensity, and preference.  When compared to the control, all ratings revealed a significant difference except those for Enova Oil.  Objective testing showed the height of the cookies all differed from the control.  Cookie height increased with all fat substitutions; whereas, both cone probe and distance tests showed only a significant difference in Benefat. Ultimately, this study demonstrates that Enova Oil is an acceptable shortening substitute in Gingerbread Cookies.

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