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Rice Milk and Soy Milk are Acceptable Substitutes for Cow's Milk in Butterscotch Pudding

by Laura Barrett and Allison Raaum

Laura Barrett and Allison Raaum

The purpose of this study was to see if soy milk and rice milk were acceptable substitutes for cow's milk in butterscotch pudding.  Sensory evaluation was performed by 20 untrained judges and included three extended duo-trio tests, one preference, one sweetness, and one smoothness test.  The judges could tell the difference between the three samples in each Duo-Trio test establishing a significant difference.  The preference tests showed an overall preference for cow's milk, but soy milk and rice milk were still acceptable as a substitute. 

The judges determined rice milk to be the sweetest and smoothest in the sensory evaluations.  Two objective tests were performed: viscosity and texture analyzer.  Rice milk was the most viscous of the three samples, while cow's milk was the thickest.  The results from the texture analyzer showed that soy milk formed the firmest substance and rice milk required the smallest amount of force to penetrate the pudding mixture.

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