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Rice Bran Oil is an Acceptable, Healthier Substitute of Canola Oil in Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Monica Colgan, Tomomi Kimura, Sean Walsh

Monica Colgan, Tomomi Kimura, Sean Walsh

The purpose of this study was to find if Oryzan rice bran oil would be an acceptable substitute for canola oil in chocolate chip cookies.  Three variations on a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe were used, changing only the fat. 

A blind randomized study was performed on 51 Central Washington University students.  The subjects were tested on difference, tenderness, sweetness, acceptability, and preference.  Objective tests were done using drying ovens to measure moisture loss, the TA.XT2 for measuring penetration force, the Warner-Bratzler Shear was used to measure shear force, and venier calipers were used to measure dimensions. 

The statistics, obtained through the above mentioned methods, were calculated using ANOVA and Fisher's PLSD.  All recipes produced cookies statistically similar in diameter and height and all other objective tests.  Subjects were able to tell a difference between all three recipes but no significant differences were found in any of the subjective tests.

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