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Reducing the Fat and Substituting Almond Butter in a Chocolate Cake Mix Still Produces an Acceptable Product

by Erika Van Calcar and Jenny Mitchell

 Erika Van Calcar and Jenny Mitchell

The purpose of this experiment is to discover the effects and acceptability on the final product when the oil in a cake mix is cut in half and when the oil is substituted with an equal amount of all natural almond butter (American Almond Inc., Brookland, New York).  The two substitutions are then compared with the original cake mix recipe.

Twenty-four to twenty-five judges preformed two to three sensory evaluations in a controlled setting.  The judges were untrained Central Washington University students.  Additionally, four objective tests were done on each cake variation.  Vernier calipers were used to measure the height of the cakes, while the TA.XT2 (Texture Technologies Corp., Scarsdale, NY) was used to measure compression force, tackiness and sheer force.  The results were analyzed to determine significant difference at p<0.05. 

The judges were unable to establish a significant difference between the three cakes during the triangle test.  However, the judges preferred the control and reduced fat cakes over the almond butter cake and also found the control and reduced fat cake to be moister and less chewy than the almond butter cake. 

Although there was no significant difference found between the control and reduced fat cakes.  Based on these findings, reducing the oil provides a more acceptable product than substituting all of the fat for an equal amount of almond butter in a boxed cake mix.

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