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The Quality of Pie Crust Prepared with Trans-Fat Free Shortening

by Whitney Caron and Emily Smith

Whitney Caron and Emily Smith

This study tested the objective and sensory qualities of baked pie crust using two types of trans-fat free shortening (Spectrum Naturals and Ciranda) compared to the original Crisco.  Each pastry was prepared identical for consistency.  A blind, randomized study was performed by Central Washington University Students (n=25).  Subjects tested for difference, tenderness, flakiness and preference. Objective tests measured height with a vernier caliper, and penetration and break force using a TAX.T2. 

ANOVA and Fisher's PLSD were used to calculate the statistics using STAT View.  Crisco contained the thinnest crust and required the least penetration force.  Ciranda was significantly different from the other two brands in the triangle test, was significantly identified as the least flaky, and required the most break force.  There was no significant difference in the mean preference between the three, but most of the judges gave Ciranda the highest score and Spectrum Naturals the lowest.

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