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Psyllium seed is an acceptable soluble fiber additive in bran muffins

by Danelle Swearingen, Heidi Hollan, and Kimber Gieske

Danelle Swearingen, Heidi Hollan, and Kimber Gieske

Fiber is an important component of the human diet. Soluble fiber in particular is known to combat heart disease. 

This study was performed in an effort to increase the soluble fiber content in a muffin recipe without adversely affecting the quality or acceptability of the product.  Psyllium fiber was used as the fiber additive, and three versions of the muffin were prepared a control with no psyllium and two modifications with two different amounts of added psyllium. 

Twenty-three sensory judges completed four evaluations of the muffins, including a triangle test of difference, a moisture evaluation, a texture evaluation, and a preference rating.  Seven objective evaluations were made, including height measurements, density calculation, percent moisture calculation, shear force test, and three texture measurements using the TATX2 Universal Texture Analyzer. 

Analysis of variance and Tukey's LSD was used to determine significance of the data.  According to the tests performed, modification 1 showed a trend towards being preferred even over the control version.  Though there were significant differences noted in several of the texture evaluations, we can conclude that substitution of ¼ cup of flour with psyllium seed, as done in this particular modification, is indeed acceptable and does not dramatically change the product, while adding an additional 2.6 grams of fiber per muffin.

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