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Plum Puree as a Fat Substitute in Ghiradelli Chocolate Supreme Brownies

by Amanda Hendrickson, Jackie McPike, Jamie DePree, and Rachel Siedenstang

Amanda Hendrickson, Jackie McPike, Jamie DePree, and Rachel Siedenstang


Due to the high amount of fat consumed in the United States we wanted to create a food where there was a reduced amount of fat that would have the same attributes as a full fat product. Fruit purees are often used as fat substitutes in baked goods because the pectin in the fruit is able to replicate the same tenderness of fat in a baked good.


Replacing the fat (vegetable oil) in a box of Ghirardelli Chocolate Supreme Brownie Mix with plum puree to see whether or not the judges could taste a difference and which was preferred. A control with no plum puree was compared to 100% plum puree fat replaced and a 50% plum puree, 50% fat variation.


Experimental Study Design


Twenty-five volunteer judges from CWU were used to conduct each sensory test which included two triangle tests, sweetness, chewiness, and preference tests. The testing occurred in the sensory booths under red lights on two different occasions. Judges were briefed about the study and how the taste testing would occur but were not informed about the ingredient in the brownies or the specific variations.

Statistical Analysis Performed:

Analysis of Variance was used in order to get statistical differences within treatments for each test, Post Hoc Tukey's LSD tests were done to find where the significant differences were compared to the control brownie.


There was no significant difference between brownies within the objective testing. The judges were able to correctly identify the odd brownies in the triangle test. The reduced-fat and low-fat brownies had no significant difference in sweetness or chewiness compared to the control brownies, but judges preferred the control brownie significantly more than the low-fat 100% plum puree brownie.


The data showed that both the reduced-fat (50% plum) and the low-fat (100% plum puree) brownie variations were acceptable substitutes to the control box brownie, although judges significantly preferred the control brownie over the low-fat version.

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