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Pinto Bean Puree may be an Acceptable Fat Replacer in Commercial Spice Cake Mix

by Lacey Layman, Lisa Baumgardner, and Christina Palka

Lacey Layman, Lisa Baumgardner, and Christina Palka

The obesity epidemic in the United States is greatly contributed to by high-fat diets. Obesity can lead to many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  Using a fat substitution that will lower saturated fat content and intake could decrease the risk of these diseases. 

A random, blind experimental study was conducted testing acceptability of pinto bean puree as a fat replacement in commercial spice cake mix.  At least 20 human individuals for each subjective test were recruited through other nutrition classes, fliers, or random encounter to participate as judges.  Both objective and subjective testing with a control, reduced-fat, and low-fat spice cake samples took place on campus.  An unchanged recipe for commercial spice cake was used as a control.  A "Reduced-Fat" version of spice cake was produced by removing half the oil and a "Low-Fat" version by removing all the oil.  The oil amounts were replaced with pinto bean puree. 

Judges evaluated the spice cakes for specific sensory attributes such as moistness, sweetness, difference/comparison, and overall preference.  Analysis of Variance was performed on all data with Tukey's LSD being calculated if a significant difference was noted.  The results of the study revealed that while the reduced-fat spice cake was significantly less preferred, the low-fat spice cake was only slightly statistically less preferred than the control. 

A conclusion can be made that pinto bean puree may be an acceptable fat substitute by preference in commercial spice cake mix when replacing 100% of the fat.

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