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Pinto Bean Powder as a Partial Flour Substitute is an Acceptable Replacement in Vegan Pumpkin Bars

by Kayce Wright, Zoe Lefrancois-Hanson, and Hayley Frost

Kayce Wright, Zoe Lefrancois-Hanson, and Hayley Frost

All purpose flour was partially replaced for protein enrichment of pastries by a pinto bean powder made by ADM Edible Bean Specialties, Inc. The total protein content of the enriched flour ranged from 3.5g – 6.05g of protein per pumpkin bar. The pinto bean powder was used at two concentrations; 25% and 50% replacement ratios. Bars were put through several objective and subjective tests, examining bar height, tenderness, sweetness, moistness, and preference. With a 25% flour replacement flour protein content increased to 4.791g and at the 50% ratio increased to 6.05g of protein. In this study we found there is no significant difference in the sweetness or moistness. There was however a significant difference in the amount of force needed to penetrate the bars as well as a higher amount of compression needed for the bars with 50% bean powder replacement. The control bars and the bars with 25% pinto bean powder showed no significant difference, while the 50% replacement was considerably different; it was less preferred by the judges.

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