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ORYZAN Rice Bran Oil is an acceptable substitute for butter in Betty Crocker cake mix recipes

by Jessica Culnane, Marcie Heckart, Jenelle Woodard

Jessica Culnane, Marcie Heckart, Jenelle Woodard

The goal was to evaluate the effects and acceptability of using ORYZAN Rice Bran Oil in place of butter in Betty Crocker Butter Cake. Rice bran oil is low in saturated fat and could be used to lower saturated fat and cholesterol intake from baked goods among Americans, which is a contributor to heart disease. The control used 100% butter, one variation used 50% butter and 50% rice bran oil, and the second variation used 100% rice bran oil.

Sensory testing consisted of intensity tests completed by 22 student and staff volunteers in isolated booths. Sensory tests concluded that people could tell the difference between the control and both variations; however, there was no significant difference in preference. Sweetness, tenderness and butter flavor intensity tests showed no significant difference. A moistness test concluded that judges found 100% rice bran oil to be significantly moister than 100% butter. Objective tests concluded that the 50/50 variation was more tender than the other two. There was no significant difference in height. Rice bran oil was found to be an acceptable substitute for butter.

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