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The Objective and Subjective Analysis of Garbanzo Beans as a Fat Replacer in Cornbread Muffins

by Carlos González, Sen-Ying Lee, Samuel Orr

Carlos González, Sen-Ying Lee, Samuel Orr

This study determined to overall acceptability, sensory characteristics, and objective characteristics of corn bread muffins made with garbanzo bean puree as an oil replacement, as well as an alteration to flour type and concentration.Garbanzo bean puree was used to replace the vegetable oil of all three experimental samples, and all-purpose flour was replaced by respectively 25% soy, 25% rice, or 12.5% soy and 12.5% rice.

Twenty unrestrained judges participated by rating muffins on a nine point hedonic scale for specific characteristics; tenderness, sweetness, preference, and a dui-tri test. No significant difference was found when comparing the preference of all three samples, however each sample achieved a mean score higher than five (acceptable), the rice flour substitution being the most acceptable when compared to a control sample. The garbanzo bean puree samples achieved a reduction of calories (16.6%), calories from fat (62.1%), and saturated fat (50.0%), while increasing fiber (80.0%).

This study demonstrates that garbanzo bean puree can be used to replace oil in cornbread muffins with a 25% alteration in flour to a lower protein flour alternative such as rice flour, while yielding a more nutrient dense product with acceptable sensory characteristics.

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