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Objective and Sensory Evaluation of Three Variations of Funfetti Cupcakes

by Jenna Krause, Jillian Stefani, and Jackie Eisen

Jenna Krause, Jillian Stefani, and Jackie Eisen

In this study sensory and objective testing of three different mixes of Funfetti cupcakes were used to determine the effects of ingredient modification on physical and subjective characteristics.  The different versions of the cake included a control using one hundred percent vegetable oil, a slightly modified version using half vegetable oil and half flaxseed oil, and a version using one hundred percent flaxseed oil. Forty Central Washington University students and professors judged the cakes on sweetness, tenderness, acceptability, and preference.

The objective tests showed significant differences in cake height between all three variations of the cupcakes, as well as significant differences in cone penetration force for all variations. Although all objective tests showed significant differences between the cupcakes, the sensory evaluations didn't exhibit any significant differences which showed that both cupcake variations were acceptable substitutions.

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