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Non-Fat Yogurt Used as a Fat Replacement in Chocolate Brownies

by Tyler Johnson, Jordan Moore and Krystal Sanchez

Tyler Johnson, Jordan Moore and Krystal Sanchez

Non-fat plain yogurt was used as a fat replacement for butter in chocolate brownies, in which three variations were tested: control (original recipe), reduced-fat (half butter, half yogurt), and low-fat (all yogurt). Sensory evaluation was conducted on a total of 24 CWU students, faculty, and staff members to test for tenderness, moisture intensity, sweetness intensity, and overall preference.

Objective tests were performed using the TA.XT2 to measure penetration force and vernier calipers to measure brownie height. The results showed significant differences in sweetness, tenderness, preference, height and texture. There was not a significant difference in moisture intensity. This leads us to conclude that non-fat plain yogurt is an acceptable fat replacement for butter in chocolate brownies when only considering the physical attributes of tenderness, texture and height. The acceptability of yogurt as a butter replacement when considering sweetness, moisture and preference cannot be determined based on the current results, so further research is suggested.

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