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Food Science and Nutrition Alumni

Monosodium Glutamate as a Sodium Reducer in Yellow Cake

by Malia Elizaga, Kylie Elliott, Jacy Garner, and Josh Munro

Malia Elizaga, Kylie Elliott, Jacy Garner, and Josh Munro

A reduction of sodium in baked products, the largest source of sodium in the American diet, is important to explore for a possible overall impact on coronary heart health. 

This study determines the acceptability of monosodium glutamate (MSG) as a sodium reducer in yellow cake. 

A total of 62 CWU students participated in sensory evaluations.  Judges were able to correctly identify the full MSG cake from the control, but unable to identify the half MSG from the control.  Although the judges approached preference for the control cake, no significant difference was found for any three variations of cake in preference. 

Objective testing showed significant difference in analysis of height, density, and surface toughness.  High levels of MSG led to less overall cake height, higher density, and increased surface toughness.  It was found that replacing half of the salt with MSG would be acceptable in yellow cake.

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