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Lecithin May Improve the Quality of Reduced-fat Baked Goods

by Amanda Schlegel, Heather Powell, and Suzanne McIntyre

Amanda Schlegel, Heather Powell, and Suzanne McIntyre

High fat diets are associated with an increased risk of many diseases such as obesity and coronary heart disease, two growing problems in the United States. However, reduced-fat goods are generally less accepted.

In this study, sensory and objective tests were performed in effort to determine an acceptable reduced-fat cupcake. Three variations of spice cupcakes were produced: a control, a reduced-fat, and a reduced-fat with lecithin added. The control was made using a commercial cake mix, following the directions given, except for replacing eggs with egg substitute. Egg substitute was used in all three variations.  In the reduced-fat variations the vegetable oil was replaced with equal weight unsweetened applesauce.

Six sensory test were performed: three triangle tests, two intensity test (moistness and tenderness), and one preference test.  No significant differences were found. However, significant differences were found in penetration force, compression, and height. This study found that there was a trend showing the reduced-fat with lecithin and the control being generally more accepted. This indicates that adding lecithin to a reduced-fat product may increase acceptability.

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