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Investigation of Spinach Powder in Boxed Brownies

by Julia DiDonato, Alexa Lutovsky, Marissa Pratt

Julia DiDonato, Alexa Lutovsky, Marissa Pratt

This study determined the overall acceptability, sensory characteristics, functional properties, and nutrient content of adding spinach powder to brownies.

Spinach powder was added to Duncan Hines boxed brownie mix with a whole serving of spinach and one with half serving of spinach powder. Thirty untrained panelists participated in rating the brownies on a nine-point scale. Analysis of variance conducted on the sensory characteristics and overall acceptability indicated a statistically significant effect when adding spinach to brownies for taste, sweetness, moisture, texture, and overall acceptability (P<0.05).

Post hoc analysis (using Fisher’s least significant difference method) indicated that the half serving spinach brownie was not significantly different from the control for penetration, sensory and objective moistness, height index, and overall acceptability. The full serving spinach brownie was significantly different from the control for sweetness, sensory moistness, penetration and overall acceptability. Objective moistness and height index was not affected by the addition of spinach into the brownies.

This study demonstrates that powered spinach can be added in a half serving to brownies while yielding a more nutritious product with acceptable sensory characteristics.

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