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Investigation of Milled Chia Seeds as a Fat Replacer in Chocolate Chip Cookies

by Sagan O’Bryan, Jennifer Peebler, Erika Spath

Sagan O’Bryan, Jennifer Peebler, Erika Spath

This study examines the overall acceptability of milled chia seed gel as a replacement for butter in a Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookie recipe. Milled chia seeds were transformed into a gel simply by adding water.

In one recipe, chia seed gel replaced 25% of butter. A second recipe, chia seed gel replaced 50% of the butter. A third recipe, chia seed gel replaced 0% of butter to create a control cookie. The recipe used was a standardized Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe found on the back of the chocolate chip bag.

Forty untrained panelist participated in a series of four tests. Two duo-trio tests represented the 25% replacement cookie and another for 50% replacement. One preference test consisted of a 9-point scale regarding all three of the cookie variations. Lastly, a tenderness test with a 10-point scale regarding all three of the cookie variations. Panelists were given the option to make additional comments towards the samples. Panelist will not be identified and were recruited from CWU nutrition classes, invitation via social networking and occasionally by random encounters.

Panelists were to read and sign a consent form that was provided prior to test taking. The data collected will be examined to gather results, and then destroyed immediately after. Results indicate no significant difference among the three cookie variations through sensory evaluation. A significant difference was found between objective evaluations in the 25% and 50% replacement cookies. This study concluded that the replacement of butter with chia gel at the level of 25% was an acceptable contender against the control recipe.

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